Explore Best Remote Internships For Fresh Graduates

By Arti Sharma on April 09, 2022

Hello, Grads! There are only a few miles you can cover with theoretical knowledge, but if you want to map a long journey, you need real-work life experience. An internship program does this for you. We have a number of opportunities open for you here at Oeson where a huge number of interns are participating and gaining corporate work life experience with the Internship Programme. Wondering how it will help you? Explore the best opportunity for your specific domain-

- App Development Internship

- Web Development Internship

- Business Analysis Internship

- Digital Marketing Internship

- Graphic Design Internship

- UI/UX Design Internship

- Content Writing Internship

- Human Resource Internship

App Development Internship

Being an App Developer, you are on the verge of creating the software intended to run on mobile devices and optimized to provide advantages of its unique features. Hence, what the mobile app development process involves is creating installable software bundles (code, binary, assets, etc.) implementing and testing the application on target devices.

What OGIP offers for Mobile App Developer interns:

With OGIP, you get exposure to working on mainly four approaches while building Mobile Applications that exclusively consist of advantages and disadvantages of their own.
- Native Mobile App
- Cross-Platform Native Mobile App
- Hybrid Mobile App
- Progressive Web App

The Mobile App Development process goes from a set of stages that involves both front-end and back-end.

Why go for Mobile App Developer Internship for Freshers:

With OGIP, you get an Internship opportunity that can help you to build the gap between the theory and practical. The flexible working culture gives you a chance to analyze and monitor the difficulties before and after the deployment of the application in real-time. You can easily join the internship program by clicking here and that ultimately give you an open platform to strengthen your skills.

Scope of Mobile App Development Internship:

Whether you get a paid internship for mobile app development or opt for an unpaid one, the beneficiaries involve a wide area from brushing up on your hones. That involves refining your programming languages, IDE familiarity, full builds, testing, and monitoring. An internship gives you a wide scope to work on your soft skills like collaboration, communication, raising issues, taking responsibility, and much more.

Website Development Internship

With the development of thousands of websites every single day, the demand for talented web developers is expanding. To have an established career in web development, you will need some real-life experience in this field. Here’s the point where you need a good internship that crafts your potential and makes you a future-ready employee.

What OGIP offers for Web Development Interns:

With OGIP, transformation is possible with the moment you as we aspire to bring a change in corporate working style. If you are looking for a free online internship program with certification, OGIP is just for you. Web development is an in-demand skill, here your capabilities are developed in the following areas of work:

  • Full Stack Development
  • e-Commerce Development
  • Customized Web-app Development
  • CMS Website Development
  • Static Web Service
  • Python Development
  • PHP Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Ruby on Rails Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Why go for Web Development Internship for freshers:

    There are only a few miles you can cover with theoretical knowledge, but if you want to map a long journey, you need real-work life experience. An internship program does this for you. Being a fresher, you find yourself in a bit of a hurry to choose between different programs running, but OGIP is the solution to many of your problems. With the flexible working environment and continuous mentorship, each step is finely observed and gives a hands-on working exposure using web development tools on real-life projects.

    Scope of Website Development Internship:

    Your working style will lead you to the path of success, and chances are that the internship positions will naturally lead you to a high-paid developer job. For this, you need to demonstrate your passion for web development, knowledge of technical skills, and a grip on the latest tools and programming languages. Here in OGIP, you gain the required skill-set that is potentially focused to expose you to the real working culture.

    Business Analysis Internship

    The business analysis position is responsible to combine technical skills in software and data types with business development. As a business analyst, you will use software and SQL queries to collect and track data for a better understanding of the field and convey productive results.

    What OGIP offers for Business Analyst Interns:

    Being the key member, a business analyst may envelop the crucial investigation and recognition of business needs with OGIP to look for any up gradation and enhancement in coherence with the prerequisites. With OGIP, Business Analysis Internship Program will make you familiar with every single adornment involved with running organizations and their analysis. There are several domains that a business analyst can opt to work on:

    Why go for a Business Analyst Internship for freshers:

    There are only a few miles you can cover with theoretical knowledge, but if you want to map a long journey, you need real-work life experience. An internship program does this for you. Being a fresher, you find yourself in a bit of a hurry to choose between different programs running, but OGIP is the solution to many of your problems. With the flexible working environment and continuous mentorship, each step is finely observed and gives a hands-on working exposure using web development tools on real-life projects.

    Scope of Business Analysis Internship:

    Business analysis is a vital part of any business today and offers different domains to pick from as every domain has a specific scope of development. An effective business analysis internship will make you familiar with every single field of involvement and working style. OGIP opens a door to you to look forward to working with your specialty and gives you exposure to do more experiments with your potential.

    Digital Marketing Internship

    The new market is digital, and the trend is bigger than anything else today so you can easily opt for this escalating career option. A digital marketing internship will make this task easy for you as it gives a pace to your career and the aspirants have full control of their career trajectory, to begin with. Availing you numerous open opportunities on the online market today, you must be aware of your required area of work and required attributes.

    What OGIP offers for Digital Marketing Interns:

    With OGIP, digital marketing interns get more valuable, hands-on experience in workplaces where there is less hierarchy and more cooperation. You can apply for the open OGIP positions on LinkedIn and start right now with your specialized work area. Here we tend to sharpen the enthusiastic interns by giving them administrative duties in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing has become the lifeline of every single business today by working on-

  • Search Engine optimization skills
  • Search engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Why go for Digital Marketing Internship for freshers:

    If you are looking for only one reason for the beneficiaries of a Digital Marketing internship, then you are ignoring the countless advantages. As for freshers, the digital marketing internship helps to put knowledge and skills into practice with the wide opportunity for networking and incorporation. The summer internship or any other open opportunity will give you a close look to understand the workplace culture of ‘give and take’ as we follow in OGIP.

    Scope of Digital Marketing Internship:

    The scope of internships is not limited to gaining a free online internship with a certificate but also provides wonderful life stages where one can develop transferable skills. Breaking the fetter of discomfort when asking questions to make yourself a confident and responsible person individually and turn you into a team player. Explore a wide range of tools and do experiment with your creative ideas in marketing.

    Graphic Design Internship

    A graphic designer is a responsible person in the team who makes every single design engaging, appealing, and informative visual graphics for product illustrations and logos. Working with different teams, a graphic designer adheres to brand guidelines with creativity in designing integrated with the larger marketing campaigns. An internship can establish you to get ready for the aesthetic job role in the company of your choice.

    What OGIP offers for Graphic Designing Interns:

    At OGIP, it’s our vision to work with fresh minds and nurture talents to help them gain insight and grow as a creative individuals. Are you ready to step into an exciting graphic designing internship with OGIP where we open a world of opportunities out there? Pairing you with an experienced graphic designer, we open a lane of teamwork that ropes you to create new files, understand the client's needs, edit existing files, research, print, and much more. You can learn to choose from a wide range of designs-

    Why go for a Graphic Designer Internship for freshers:

    The trends and technologies in graphic designs change frequently and you need to be updated with them. You might get exposed to work on different tools and software to have a piece of better knowledge of your domain. In an internship program, a graphic designer work on live projects, and experienced designers will improve your skills to better understand where you stand in the big picture.

    Scope of Graphic Designer Internship:

    One of the hardest things about starting a new career is to find an ‘in’ somewhere, an internship breaks this barrier for you. Graphic Design internships provide cross-department work experience that even a fully-fledged designer can lack. Getting a chance to interact with all levels of people in the industry, you learn to adjust to a business environment. With the right mentorship, you get to know where to push the boundaries turning your experience into yielding potential and validating your career choices.

    UI/UX Design Internship

    If you are an aspirant for UX/UI Designer, you must be wondering, how to break into the industry to transform into an industry professional? During your UX/UI Internship program, you will be mentored by a UX/UI professional to show you how things are really done. You can go ahead with an established company of your choice but if you join a startup, you might find yourself more involved in the wholesome process from the beginning that will give you an extra mark for your career upliftment.

    What OGIP offers for UX/UI Design Interns:

    A UX/UI Design internship can turn out to be a great success for your career whether it is paid or unpaid, there’s plenty to be gained from the internship program for freshers. OGIP will offer you knowledge that will be way different from the theory you learned during your college. As we in Oeson work on live projects that give a chance to be involved from a very beginning of a product or idea.Let’s look at the different domains so you can decide what designer perspective you are actually aspiring to during an internship-

  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Voice-controlled interface
  • Gesture-face interface
  • User research reports
  • User personas/ Interaction report
  • Paper prototypes
  • Wireframes
  • Design pattern libraries
  • Style guides or design systems
  • Why go for UX/UI Design Internship for freshers:

    A successful internship program will make you ready for a full-time job role by giving you real-world working experience. You get a chance to know about UX/UI roles in the proper business setting with expert mentorship and real project work experience. You will end up gaining great content material for your portfolio that will work as an asset to enter into the industry anywhere.

    Scope of UX/UI Design Internship:

    The first-hand exposure to the industry working module possibly will tend to excellent full-time paid employment. Working with different clients and enormous tools will give you valuable insight into your future field. The process is all you need to understand, which surely an internship for freshers focuses on to build your practical and soft skills. Also, a professional network establishes with different employees helps you to work, improve mistakes, get feedback, learn and grow.

    Content Writing Internship

    If you are planning to start your career as a content writer in business terms or want to run your own website/blog, then a content writing internship program can work like a bonanza. You will get to know about all the trade-ins how to use content writing strategies effectively, do research, and the process of coming up with a suitable topic. More often you come to know about your deficiencies in content writing that can actually work for you.

    What OGIP offers for Content Writing Interns:

    Going to freelance content writing can be a quick jump for your career but initially, you need to learn about how the industry works. Joining an internship program for content writing can be a kick-start to your choice. With OGIP, you work with a divergent team and handle live projects that map your efficiency, working genre, time management, individual responsibility, and team skills. You can take a chance to choose from different scopes available for content writing-

    Why go for Content Writing Internship for Freshers:

    As a fresher, you want to go to every possible area of content creation, which can hinder you back from reaching your creative point. Whereas an internship builds your back to make you better each day in a constructive way to explore your potential and commands. Experience writers give a powerful insight while meeting like-minded people opens a door of idea exchange and can fill you with a fresh burst of motivation.

    Scope of Content Writing Internship:

    Content is the whole soul of any web-based company these days. From driving traffic to generating revenue, from product building to product marketing, all runs just because of the appealing content. The scope for a content writing internship is vast as you get different mediums to express your creative thoughts like vision articles, infographics, blogs, videos, and even animations. There are a number of free online internships with certificate opportunities available for content writers.

    Human Resource Internship

    Keeping the culture right is not easy hence there comes the Human Resource team in an organization that plays a key role in developing, reinforcing, and nurturing the culture. With a sharp eye on the functioning, the HR department also coordinates with the activities of other departments like finance and purchase. The human Resource department bridges the gap between the management and workforce to keep the work smooth and productive.

    What OGIP offers for Human Resource Interns:

    Human Resource is the umbrella term in any organization that manages and increases employee performance by taking care of all the issues occurring. Being a beginner, you can give a big thumbs up to interning with OGIP where interns from all across the world come together, connect, learn, exhibit their skills, improve their performance and build their potential with on-the-job training. Human resource is a lucrative career path for people aspiring to be in management. Keeping an eye on your HR hones with our flexible internship program, you can work in the following fields-

  • Employment specialist
  • Human Resources Assistance
  • Human Resources Recruiter
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Labor Relation Specialist
  • Why go for Human Resource Internship for freshers:

    Counting job responsibility only up to hiring an employee is so outdated as the HR department nowadays works broadly to connect every field in an organization. As a fresher in the HR department, your fundamental role starts from keeping the activity updates of each employee, initiating background checks, filing HR documents, and reviewing policies. HR fresher assists in helping recruiters for creating a job alert, look into different methods of motivation during work and solve occurring issues to create effective human resource workflows.

    Scope of Human Resource Internship:

    To develop a fruitful working culture the medium is the key and the medium is HRMs who avoids all kind of identity biases and hire the best for the job role. Whether it is a paid HR internship or an unpaid one, the job responsibilities remain the same and you get all the wide possibilities of learning. Create a better understanding of recruitment and selection, orientation and induction, and refine your managerial skills. It is only you who will have to deal with the excess or shortage of the employees in an organization and be accountable for any kind of delay by providing accurate and timely information.

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